Can I build or extend?

Building or extending is restricted as we are in a high-risk fire zone. You would be able to build a garage up to 35 square metres, subject to planning consent. It is also possible to build up to 20 square metres without permission (but submitting a Declaration of Works to the Mairie). It would be possible to erect yurts or other moveable structures.

What is the Internet speed like?

At the time of writing (June 2021, the internet is reliable but slow. We are expecting the installation of fibre optic within a few months)

What does the high-risk fire zone mean in practice?

House owners are legally obliged to keep vegetation under control within 100 metres of the house. For us, most of this is a flat field so it is done quickly with a tractor once a year. The rest is on sloping ground and must be strimmed. We do this ourselves once a year but it would be possible to pay contractors to do this at a cost of 0.15 euros per square metre.

Do you have a source?

At present, no. However, there is a place on the land where we know there is an aquifer below ground. It would be possible to sink a borehole here.

What are the taxes?

Currently, Taxe Fonciere is in the region of 2,200 euros annually.

Are you on mains drainage and water?

We receive our water supply from Veolia, town water supply. We do not have mains drainage, instead a "fosse septique". This was inspected by SPANC in 2020 and passed without any non-conformances.

How old are the electrics and plumbing?

The farmhouse side of the house was renovated by the previous owner in about 1995. After we purchased the house we renovated and installed new electrics and plumbing in the middle and apartment sides of the house. The electrics were installed by Walter Van den Hoogen, and were inspected in 2020 by Diagmeter of Rivesaltes. The report is available on request.

There is no lead piping, no asbestos, no termites or other wood-eating insects present in the house.

What state is the roof in?

The roof was partially replaced and renovated in 2008 by Hussell Builders, Ceret.

What kind of insulation is there?

We installed very high quality insulation in the farmhouse and apartment sides of the house. The only part of the house that has not been insulated is the middle part.

Is Mas Pallagourdi subject to the regulations of the Hauts de Ceret lotissement?

No, we are not a part of the lotissement.

Are you able to keep chickens or other livestock?

Yes, we have kept chickens, goats, sheep and llamas.

Is the land fenced?

Part of the land is fenced with electric fencing. The woodland is not fenced.